Oct 31, 2007

See you

PC doesn’t work...so, I pause for a while.

Oct 15, 2007

Like Yokohama!? -Toronto-

After departing Niagara On The Lake, we visited Toronto.
It takes about one hour & a half to get there from Niagara Falls by car.
Toronto is really urban like Yokohama!
I missed my country...

CN Tower is between two high buildings.
This is the highest tower in the world!

Of course, I went up the tower!

This city is high-rise community!

Lake Ontario stretched as far as the horizon.

There is a glass floor that we can see through the ground.
I felt a little bit scary.・・;)

I like such a strange contrast of an old architecture & a new building!

Oct 10, 2007

Beautiful small town-Niagara On The Lake-

Niagara On The Lake is a small town that is about 30 minutes by car from the falls.
We stopped there on the way to Toronto.

There are a lot of pretty flowers anywhere.

The town is very clean & beautiful!

In late September, the leaves already began to turn red.

They are beautiful, aren't they?

Next picture is a vineyard.

Grape trees were in a perfect array!

The way to this town from the falls is dotted with wineries, and also Ice Wine is specialty product there.

The wine tastes sweet!

I think it is like dessert wine, so I’m sure almost all of women love it.

You should get Ice Wine that has “VQA” written on a label if you try it.

"VQA” is the mark which is wine approved by province of Ontario.

-Palatine Hill Ice Wine -

Oct 7, 2007

Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls

After we had lunch, we left Buffalo soon.
Then we reached Niagara Falls at last!
There are some attractions there, and also it seems the most popular is "Maid of the Mist".
Of course, we rode that!

Before you ride that, you can get a blue raincoat like this.

It got started!

We were able to see the falls close.

What a great nature!

Wow! That's awesome!!

The rainbow was very beautiful☆

After we got off the boat, we could approach the falls on foot.

You can take the boat in both the U.S & Canada.
We rode the boat in the U.S side.
If you ride that in the U.S side, you will get experience like this.
Anyway, we enjoyed the falls very much!!

Oct 3, 2007

That's yummy! Buffalo wing

Last weekend, my husband & I took a trip to Niagara Falls.
First, we went to Buffalo by an airplane, then he drove a rented car to Niagara Falls.
As soon as we arrived at Buffalo, we had lunch at “Anchor Bar”, which is famous for a chicken wing.

The interior is exactly American ambience!

The bar counter is very cool!
It seems there is live Jazz music at night.

There are some tables you can have a quiet meal.

And also, you can choose a taste from five kinds, mild, medium, hot , spicy BBQ or suicidal.
It seems "suicidal" taste is super hot!
We ordered "medium" & "spicy BBQ".

"Medium" taste isn’t so hot, so that’s good for me!

"Spicy BBQ" taste is a little sweet for me.

The wings are fried until crisp and goes with the blue cheese sauce.
That’s very delicious!
The celery of a side is nice, too.

I love the chicken wing, so I bought the sauce!

I will try to make a chicken wing like “Anchor Bar” at home soon!

-Buffalo wing original sauce -

Sep 23, 2007

The trip of a cable car -San Francisco-

At last, I played golf course in the U.S for the first time! It was fine weather, so I felt very comfortable, and also I had fun because though I hadn’t played it for a while, I was able to play golf better than I expected.^0^*)
After playing golf, I was still excited, so I went to a driving range to practice. However I was very tired after that...
I won’t practice on the day I played golf course. --;)

By the way, I post some pictures below about the sightseeing of a cable car, which my husband & I rode in San Francisco.

This is a cable car, which is popular among tourists.

In the morning, a lot of people who stand in line to ride a cable car.
A man in a poster of “GAP” behind line is the Japanese actor “Ken Watanabe”.
I saw the Japanese actor in the U.S for the first time!
That's great!!

It runs on the heart of town.

After we went through this view, we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf.

A lot of sea lions were resting on San Francisco Bay.

It’s cute! It seems like a child.

We got on a boat and went on the sea cruise.

We went through under the famous “Golden Gate Bridge”.

After the cruise, we had lunch at “Crab House”.

This is a specialty “DungenessKiller Crab”.
The sauce is garlic oil. That's yummy!!
And also, Napa wine goes with it!

After lunch, we took a cable car again.

Then, we strayed from the route.
Wow! The signs are written in Japanese by “Katakana”.
It's nice!

My image of this town is “Kanazawa” in Japan.
Don’t you think so?

Take a break☆

The left is local beer ” Anchor Steam".
It’s a little bitter taste, so I love it!

-Anchor Steam Beer-

Then, we rode a cable car again.
You can stand on side step of a cable car! That’s breezy!!

In the evening, I wanted to eat sushi, so we went to the Japanese restaurant ”Sushi Boat” near Union Square.

The Japanese cook was making sushi, and that was delicious!
And also, when I ate the Japanese chowder, I missed my country!!

We had fun so much all day! It was the first time for me to ride the cable car like this, and this is one of my favorite things now!!